Step into the amazing world of SuperCroc!

Dr. Paul Sereno and Project Exploration present The Science of SuperCroc—a hands-on exhibit experience that brings together Sarcosuchus or SuperCroc and it’s dinosaurian foe Suchomimus for the first time in 110 million years. The Science of SuperCroc immerses visitors in the ancient world of the planet’s largest crocodile, and explores the science of how this creature got so large—and how we know.

What was it like to the largest croc ever to roam the earth?
What does it take to grow as big as a city bus?
What was life like in the Sahara 110 million years ago?


Square Footage:
5,000-10,000 sq. ft.feet
(1,000 and 2,500 sq. ft. versions
also available)
Maximum Height:
Electrical Needs:
Four 110-volt outlets
Maximum Crate Size:
11’x 7’x 6′
Three trucks with 40-foot-cargo containers
Other Needs:
Forklift and ladders for install and deinstall
Stanchions around exhibitry
Circulating security guards
Sandbags to secure all exhibits and signage
Full time exhibit guide/interpreter

Original fossil specimens, including the fossil skull of SuperCroc
2 life-size skeletons, each over 30 feet long
NEW! 40-foot-long SuperCroc flesh reconstruction
National Geographic SuperCroc video
Interactives, including a 35-foot-long kinetic dinosaur skeleton, touchable fossil material, and 2 audio stations
7 display cases with authentic scientific specimens
2 expedition tents
The Science of SuperCroc
30′ mural